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BYclouder Data Recovery Pro is a useful focus that was generally tailored for information restoring operations. The module is means to liberation mislaid information and files, including audio/video, papers and archives, from any storage device, including: tough drive, CD-ROM, digital camera memory card, etc. BYclouder Data Recovery Pro ignores a record complement layer, approach liberation from a media layer. Thus even if a record complement has been exceedingly shop-worn or formatted, it can still work.

For user convenience, BYclouder Data Recovery Pro offers a wizard-style interface that guides users by a elementary stairs of a information liberation process, creation it elementary for anyone to use it.

BYclouder Data Recovery Pro

BYclouder Data Recovery Pro Key Features:

  • Works with FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2/ ext3/ ext4 record system, HFS +.
  • Supports HDDs, USB storage devices, visual disks, memory cards, ZIP disks and many more
  • Supports many renouned record formats. More than 400 kinds of record extensions (about 225 files family).
  • Multimedia: video / audio / design formats – over 150 record extentions!
  • Office software: Microsoft/ Adobe/ OpenOffice, etc. – some-more than 40 record extensions!
  • Supports typical files – some-more than 200 record extensions!


BYclouder Data Recovery Pro Free Download Full Version Serial Key

BYclouder Data Recovery Pro is routinely labelled at $199.95 per sequence series / permit key, though we can download BYclouder Data Recovery Pro full chronicle giveaway and authorised from Giveaway of a Day for currently customarily ( Feb 19, 2013). Don’t skip it. Visit GOTD Page.

Please make certain to follow a instructions in a readme.txt record that is enclosed in a package for correct activation. You have to implement and activate it before a Giveaway offer for a module is over.

BYclouder Data Recovery Pro Full Version

Freeware Alternative to iCare Data Recovery Professional

For those who will be blank today’s giveaway, next are some freeware choice to iCare Data Recovery Professional:

1, Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a absolute freeware apparatus that can assistance we collect files and folders that have been mislaid or deleted from your computer. And that does not meant replacement of a record from Recycle Bin. The module recovers files private from Recycle Bin, deleted regulating Shift + Delete keys by flitting Recycle Bin and files deleted from DOS prompt. Pandora Recovery will indicate your tough expostulate and build an index of existent and deleted files and directories (folders) on any judicious expostulate of your mechanism with upheld record format. Once a scanning is finish we have full control over that files to redeem and what end to redeem them to.  On tip of that, Pandora Recovery allows we to preview deleted files of certain form (images and content files) but behaving recovery. This underline becomes unequivocally critical if we are forced to recover deleted files to a same drive.

[Download Learn More About Pandora Recovery]

2, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Special Giveaway Edition)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is modernized and one of a best information liberation module to do format recovery, unformat and recover deleted files emptied from Recycle Bin or mislaid information due to assign detriment or damage, module crash, pathogen infection, astonishing shutdown or any other different reasons in all Windows platforms. It will do an extraordinary pursuit when a information detriment disaster strikes, generally when we wish to redeem information from formatted drive. Data Recovery Wizard supports hardware RAID and tough drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc. It provides a extensive information liberation resolution for mechanism users to redeem mislaid data.

[Download Learn More About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard]

3, iCare Data Recovery Free Edition – (2 GB information replacement limit)

As a absolute nonetheless useful information liberation software, iCare Data Recovery Free is means to assistance we revive deleted files, photos, bureau files, movies, songs etc. With read-only hunt algorithm, this module works on many mostly used digital inclination like tough hoop drive, outmost tough drive, USB drive, peep drive, memory card…

[Download iCare Data Recovery Free Edition]

4, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition (1 GB information replacement limit)

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a one-stop record and information liberation Software to redeem 1 GB information giveaway of charge. This extensive record liberation freeware solves all information detriment problems – redeem files emptied from Recycle Bin, or mislaid due to module crash, formatted or shop-worn tough drive, pathogen attack, mislaid assign and other different reasons. Compare with other information liberation freeware, it can revive files from formatted disk, energetic disk, deleted or mislaid assign with strange record names storage paths. Moreover, a easy-to-use interface and wizard-based operation make it easy for even new mechanism owners to use, a large and since novices users need insurance a many nonetheless are customarily fresh during securing it.

[Download Learn More About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition]

5, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition (Windows Mac, 1 GB information replacement limit)

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is an all in one and easy-to-use information liberation module for home and business user that means to redeem deleted information from Windows Recycle Bin, revive mislaid information even a assign is formatted or deleted, revive information from depraved tough drive, pathogen infection, astonishing complement shutdown or module failure. It support IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB tough disk, memory card, USB peep drive, CD/DVD, Blue-Ray Disk, iPod, and other digital media.

[Download Learn More About MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition]

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