Billions To Be Made In U.S. Online Gambling


The online gaming industry has become larger and more influential than most anyone could have predicted. Millions upon millions of people play online games with real money on the line; the companies are constantly growing and evolving to new avenues; and more and more, those companies are finding additional revenue streams in the form of […]

4G in Brazil sees 400 percent growth in 2014


Some 6.76 million customers contracted 4G LTE services in Brazil, up 416.5 percent in relation to in the prior year, according to official numbers. This compares to 1.31 million active 4G customers registered during 2013, according to numbers by Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel released yesterday (30). In addition, analyst IDC suggests that 4G in Brazil […]

Top iOS news of the week: 74 million iPhones, smarter covers, new version of iOS


Apple sells 74M iPhones over the holiday quarter The holidays were good to Apple as reported by the company this week. Over 74 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets were sold. This contributed heavily to the firm’s outstanding financial results reported this week. The iPhone sales led Apple to a record quarter for […]

Top Android news of the week: Cyanogen, Office and Outlook, LibreOffice coming


Office, Outlook for Android hits the store Microsoft was busy this week, releasing Office for Android and Outlook. Office had been in preview for Android and is now in general release for free. An Office 365 subscription is required to unlock advanced features. Just a short while after acquiring the good email app Acompli, Microsoft […]

​Five ways Vodafone fudged its global tax report


Global mobile network company Vodafone has released its third, yes third, annual report (pdf) on its “global contribution to public finances”. While the OECD grapples with how or whether to force multinational corporations deliver similar reports, Vodafone just went ahead and did it – starting over two years ago. That is impressive, but sadly there […]

​Google Now and third party apps: One interesting dance


Google Now has added more than 40 cards—snazzy data delivery services that make Android worth the price of admission—courtesy of data from third party apps. The move is interesting for multiple reasons, but here are the highlights. Google’s relying on third party data indicates that maybe it doesn’t have all the information that’s useful to […]

Verizon Wireless will allow users to opt out of undeletable ‘supercookies’


After a long dispute with privacy advocates and watch groups, Verizon Wireless will reportedly alter its ad-targeting program and disband the use of mandatory supercookies. Unlike regular cookies, which can be wiped from a person’s browser at any time, the code from a supercookie is a bit stickier. It is designed to evade the deleting […]