AirMask Colors for iPhone 6 hands-on: Add color and light protection in seconds


Previous  |  Next Image 1 of 6 AirMask for the iPhone 6 Plus Retail package and orange one installed Back of the AirMask Installed on my iPhone 6 Plus Bottom of the AirMask Ports and speaker are accessible Right side of AirMask I didn’t install it absolutely perfectly so there is a small gap around […]

Top Android news of the week: Galaxy phones coming, Microsoft apps, Motorola guilty


Cyanogen gets funding for taking Android from Google The company that started as a custom ROM builder for Android has received $80 million in funding. Cyanogen has made it clear it will try to free Android from Google, by making it open to all. The funding will help the firm give that a good try. […]

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones

Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group team has added code to the next test build of Windows 10 Mobile that will allow that release to work on the majority of Windows Phones. When Microsoft released the first test build of Windows 10 Mobile in February 2015, it was built to run only on a handful of Lumia […]

​Google’s desktop Chrome Data Saver aims to slash data costs

Google has released a beta version of Data Saver for desktop Chrome – an extension that could come in handy when you’re tethered to a mobile connection. The company recently published a beta version of its Data Saver extension on the Chrome Store. As its name suggests, the extension aims to reduce data usage (and […]