​Google: Why we won’t patch pre-KitKat Android WebView


Google has finally explained why it’s not going to develop its own patches for WebView for Android versions 4.3 and earlier, even though it could leave over 930 million Android devices exposed to attacks. The company’s decision was only discovered recently after researchers reported a new security bug in WebView to Google, only to be […]

Apple Q1: Record iPhone sales on deck; all eyes on China, enterprise


Apple Pay is now part of the company’s services unit — for a good reason (Image: CNET) Don’t be surprised if Apple finally reached its smartphone sweet-spot. Apple’s fiscal first quarter earnings are just around the corner. The company is expected to report record sales after the lucrative December holiday quarter. As expected, the iPhone […]

Google silent on WikiLeaks email warrant for nearly three years


WikiLeaks is seeking an explanation from Google over why the search giant took two-and-a-half years to tell three WikiLeaks staffers that it had shared details of their email communications with the US government. WikiLeaks has written to Google chairman Eric Schmidt and the US Department of Justice to complain about the search company turning over […]

McDonald’s taps VMob for ‘live marketing’ tech


McDonald’s has inked a global deal with New Zealand-based VMob Group to roll out cloud-based mobile customer engagement technology. VMob had already been working with McDonald’s in the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan, but the new deal will provide access to up to 119 markets, including the US where an immediate roll out is planned. VMob […]

​MySQL: Percona plugs in TokuDB storage engine for big datasets


Peter Zaitsev: TokuDB instead of the InnoDB. Image: Percona MySQL services firm Percona says the integration of Tokutek’s database storage engine into its popular Percona Server MySQL fork will give users substantially better performance and compression. The two firms have joined forces to offer Percona Server 5.6 with the option of TokuDB as a drop-in […]