The Benefits of X-Ray Inspection Systems


Hospitals, urgent care facilities and some physician’s offices have x-ray machines to assist patients and diagnose them on-the-spot. For those that are traumatically injured, portable machines allow the patient to remain still while images are taken. X-ray inspection systems help radiologists and physicians read the images clearer to see exactly what is going on in […]

Store Design Services


Having a successful business in your local community is no easy task, but expanding your business can be even harder if you don’t have a solid plan. There are many ways you can expand a local business, but the quickest way to do it is to take your products and services online. With an ecommerce […]

BBM comes to Android Wear after hitting 100 million Android installs


BlackBerry’s multi-platform BBM app is turning out to be quite the hit for the company, this week passing 100 million installations on Google Play. While BlackBerry hasn’t revealed installations on iOS and Windows Phone, it says the new Android milestone is “just a fraction of the total”. Whatever the overall figure, Android installations have grown […]

Australian government cloud services panel sees new additions


Australian government CTO John Sheridan has announced a further five companies that have been added to the Department of Finance’s whole-of-government cloud services panel. In a post on the department’s website on Friday, Sheridan revealed the new additions. They are Bulletproof Networks, Hitachi Data Systems Australia, Bang the Table, NTT Com ICT DC Solutions, and […]

SAP pitches HANA as a ‘very open platform’


Customers looking to move to SAP HANA would require a heavy dose of lock-in, ZDNet has previously pointed out. However, SAP platform solutions president Steve Lucas argued otherwise. Speaking to ZDNet about the company’s recently announced Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, Lucas said that while SAP has intentionally designed S/4 for HANA only, HANA is […]

Australian wireless broadband market sees saturation: ACCC


In its annual telecommunications reports for 2013-14, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) revealed that wireless broadband subscriptions in Australia fell by 3 percent during the period, despite an increase in usage. The reports, which were tabled in parliament on Thursday, revealed that the number of mobile phone subscribers remained flat over 2013-14, increasing […]